Orientation for Interprofessional Student Teams


When an interprofessional (IP) student team is first coming together, there are several recommended activities:

  • Each individual team member should complete the St. Louis University TeamSTEPPS modules
  • Each IP student team should review (as a team) the Tips for IP Student Team Members
  • Each IP student team should complete the two-hour TeamSTEPPS Group Activity

Tips for IP Student Team Members

  • When an IP team of students is coming together for the first time, consider the following
    • Schedule time to get to know team members
    • Develop a profile sheet with "things you should know about me"
    • Initiate team activities about things you have in common (e.g. children, music, food) and celebrate diversity
    • Organize regular interprofessional social activities
    • Shadow team members to get a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities
    • Agree upon a strategy to deal with concerns before they escalate
    • Discuss your scopes of practice
    • Organize regular team meetings to reflect on team dynamics and collaborative practice, including having open and democratic discussions with colleagues regarding team functioning
    • Assume appropriate leadership roles
    • Develop or decide on tools for communicating information about patients (e.g., TeamSTEPPS SBAR and I PASS THE BATON)
    • Develop a team agreement that outlines roles and expectations
    • Develop a team contract to document and assist your team on how it plans to meet the IP competencies
  • Try to always
    • Participate in team meetings
    • Solicit alternative perspectives or points of view
    • Recognize a team member’s accomplishments, such as when the person went beyond the call of duty or demonstrated exemplary teamwork
    • Do not interrupt when others are speaking
    • Focus on what others are saying
    • Ask for clarification when you do not understand
    • Be tactful when presenting an alternative perspective
    • Be sensitive to other’s personal situations
    • Use the ‘24 hour rule’ before reacting when upset
    • Give credit when credit is due
    • Actively listen to ideas and concerns of others
    • Demonstrate respect by listening to and considering other’s suggestions

TeamSTEPPS Group Activity

Although this can be a helpful exercise for any IP team of students, if such a team will be together for two or more weeks, it is recommended they view the following videos and discuss the accompanying questions (which are often found on the slide following the video) as a team at or near the beginning of their time. Each video with a team discussion should take an average of 8 minutes.