Maine Substance Use Prevention Services

Domain 1: Substance Use Prevention Services

Program Infrastructure

  • University of New England, Center for Excellence in Health Innovation: UNE is the substance use prevention services vendor for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. In that role, UNE provides grant management, performance monitoring and improvement, reporting,communication and relationship with the Maine CDC and other Maine Prevention Services vendors. In addition, UNE provides training and technical assistance to local substance use prevention partners in the Southern Public Health Districts (Central, Cumberland, Mid-Coast, Western and York)
  • Eastern Maine Healthcare System: UNE contracts with EMHS to provide training and technical assistance to local substance useprevention partners in the Northern Public Health Districts (Aroostook, Downeast, Penquis & Tribal). EMHS works in partnership with UNE on the grant management team.
  • Local Substance Use Prevention Partners: UNE contracts with local area sub-recipients across the State of Maine to implement comprehensive primary prevention interventions and activities utilizing evidence based strategies.These local area prevention partners collaborate with community members including youth, parents, teachers, law enforcement, health providers, hospitals, sellers of alcohol, and others.

Work Plan Goal Areas

  1. Prevention of opioid use including heroin in youth and young adults
  2. Prevention of alcohol use among youth and binge drinking among young adults
  3. Prevention of marijuana use by youth and young adults
  4. Prevention of prescription drug misuse by youth, young adults and adults


UNE provides quality assurance and continuous quality improvement to managing the substance use prevention grant. UNE monitors a progress report that includes data regarding community interventions and activities across the State of Maine. This monitoring tool provides UNE the opportunity to track progress, identify challenges and highlight accomplishments all in a timely manner. This centralized report allows UNE to provide clear communication of efforts and achievements to the Maine CDC. The Maine CDC subcontracts with Hornby Zeller Associates to provide evaluation of the SAMHSA Partnership for Success and Strategic Prevention Framework for Prescription Drug grants, two funding sources for the Maine Substance Use Prevention Services program. UNE coordinates its quality assurance processes with HZA.

Contact Information

Doreen Fournier | Program Manager | | (207) 221-4561
Becky Ireland | Program Coordinator | | (207) 221-4564
Craig Cormier | Regional Prevention Coordinator/EHMS | | (207) 973-6718