The UNE Academy of Digital Sciences

Maine’s leading employers want you!

The UNE Academy of Digital Sciences is an accelerated online-offline learning program that helps learners develop their talents and gain the specific digital technology skills that are most sought-after by local and national employers. The Academy is ideal for professionals seeking a career change (or just a little boost), recent immigrants looking to brush up on the latest, or newcomers looking to gain desirable skills. 

The next eight-week courses start on May 29. Inquire today and register by May 17 to join us!

Designed in collaboration with some of Maine’s best known businesses, the UNE Academy offers eight-week programs that culminate in a certificate of completion and focus on four areas of career advancement: Development & ProgrammingInteraction & InterfaceAnalysis & Data and Project Management.

UNE Digital Sciences Academy Overview

Accelerated program allows you to work at your own pace, with professional mentoring

The UNE Academy’s eight-week, self-paced programs combine world-class online instruction with real-life, project-based learning mentored by some of Maine’s most accomplished professionals. In addition, dedicated UNE success coaches are available for career counseling and support.

Meet potential future employers

Designed in partnership with many of Maine’s best known businesses, the UNE Academy presents a unique opportunity for learners of all ages and experience levels to succeed in forging productive professional relationships and showcasing their abilities for potential future employers.