What is the Academy?

The UNE Academy of Digital Sciences (often referred to as simply the “UNE Academy”) was Maine’s first accelerated certificate-of-completion learning series providing new and advanced learners with the most in-demand professional competencies as defined by both U.S. Department of Labor and local Maine employers.

Developed in partnership with prominent area businesses, our curriculum integrated curated world-class interactive online instruction with professionally mentored, project-based learning. UNE Academy learners acquired the skills most needed by local businesses and were then connected directly to employers who are eager to hire qualified and competent employees.

Acquiring the Most In-Demand Skills — in Months, Not Years

The UNE Academy was created to serve employer demand for candidates with professional and technical skills in the areas of web development, user interaction, data analysis and project management to meet the needs of learners interested in entering and advancing in digital careers in months, not years—including those who were already working full-time.

Designed to be relevant for learners new to the field or for professionals looking to advance into new digital occupations, the UNE Academy was built upon the same accelerated learning approach that was at the heart of Project>Login’s “Curiosity to Career” model and Maine’s successful campaign to receive TechHire Community designation from the White House.

Four Areas of Career Advancement — Depending on Interests

Based on insights from the Department of Labor’s national competency models, as well as local employment needs, we offered eight-week fundamentals courses that provided hands-on, applicable skills in four vital areas of career advancement, depending on talents and interests.

We also offered an introductory course in Digital Sciences Essentials — a good way to test the waters and explore the digital sciences, and also a good refresher for those re-entering the workforce.

Blended Online/Offline Curriculum

Course material was presented online, augmented by attentive mentorship from accomplished area professionals, who provided guidance through both the Academy’s online interface and frequent “Academy Learning Labs” on UNE’s Portland Campus. Each course included the completion of a final project, enabling learners to practice workplace-ready skills and create a finished product.

Meet the Team