Why Enroll in the the Digital Sciences Academy?

If you’re looking for a career change or just a little professional boost, or if you’re a student seeking a practical certificate of completion as a complement to a liberal arts degree, or if you’re a recent immigrant with technology experience who just needs a quick refresher, the UNE Academy of Digital Sciences is the perfect way to explore your interest in data and technology, and turn your talents into the skills that employers across Maine are looking for.

The UNE Academy’s eight-week courses allow you to develop hands-on professional skills relatively quickly and inexpensively, under the guidance of seasoned mentors. Our self-paced course structure is designed to be flexible for those with other commitments, such as jobs and families. Learners who complete a course receive a UNE certificate of completion. All learners will be introduced to area employers.

  • Designed in collaboration with Maine business leaders to address immediate local employment needs.
  • Professional mentors advise and guide you through the completion of a final project and the assembly of a professional portfolio.
  • You will meet area employers who are looking for people with the skills you will be learning.
  • Eight-week “blended” courses allow you to work at your own pace, on evenings or weekends.
  • Dedicated UNE success coaches will provide career counseling and support throughout your course.

Match your talents with a professional digital and technology discipline.


Interest & Ability

Professional Skill

Development and Programming

Do you like to solve problems by building things? Do you have a high attention to detail? Do you have an aptitude for the technical side of computers and technology?

Computer programmers and developers write and test code that allows computer applications and software programs to function properly. They are the people on a team who write the code that makes software work. They solve problems, test scenarios and create new functionality all by writing code.

Interaction and Interface

Are you a visual problem solver? Do you enjoy changing how something looks or works so that it’s easier to use? Does making a basic version of something and having people test it sound interesting to you?

User experience and user interface designers are team members who work on the bridge between software and consumer. They work with market research and develop systems that allow people to successfully use a company’s product. The UX and UI designers on a team also help implement a design that might have been programmed by someone else.

Analysis and Data

Are you data-driven and a good communicator? Do you seek out large amounts of information before making an important decision? Are you very comfortable with spreadsheets and reports? Do you have an affinity for making data relevant and valuable?

Data analysts collect data and interpret it so that it can be used to make decisions. Great data analysts are both “number crunchers” and communicators. They are the members of a team who help companies figure out what new customers to target, which problems to focus on and what the best return on investment will be in the future.  

Project Management

Do you find yourself naturally leading groups of people? Do you tend to make a detailed, thoughtful plan and then act on it? Are you able to communicate effectively to both highly technical and non-technical people? Are you goal-oriented?

Managers and strategic analysts plan, initiate and maintain projects. They are the members of a team who both lead and guide the technical staff, and also work with the business staff as well. They make sure that goals are accomplished, standards are met and the team is working effectively.