Current Exhibitions

Elemental Changes

January 31–May 31, 2018

A Collaboration Between the UNE Department of Art, Environmental Studies, and Special Collections Department

Featuring the artwork of UNE Professor of Art Stephen Burt, Elemental Changes visualizes the monumentality of our environment and climate change from both imaginative and scientific perspectives. Elemental Changes also features scientific data provided by UNE Environmental Studies professors Bethany Woodworth and Charles Tilburg. Unifying art and scientific data, Elemental Changes illuminates the impending and unstoppable reality of climate change. 

Lines and color in Burt’s artwork represent both the seemingly solid edges of forms and also illustrate lines of force and motion that cannot usually be seen. The science that explains these rapidly accelerating changes is unequivocal. Climate change due to the carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities has literally set our world on fire. Each incident of change-empowered storms, the melting of ice sheets worldwide, drought, and other chaotic weather induced patterns is greater confirmation of what many scientists have been predicting for well over a century.