Upcoming Exhibitions

Images of Children: Period and Contemporary Photographs

January 11–April 1, 2018

Curated by Stephen K. Halpert

What is the definition of a child? For many of us the word may conjure up an image of someone young and small, perhaps vulnerable and dependent. But societies, laws, and customs may not conform to that. What is the age of consent, of driving a car, buying cigarette, serving in the army? Of having a crime tried in juvenile court? What do their cultures call the ten-year-old armed soldiers spreading terror in distant villages? (For parents they are our children forever.) In this exhibition, photographs from around the world, shot just yesterday, or a near-century ago, depict the protected nursing infant, the hard working field hand, the fear of abandonment, the joy of friends swimming in the river. The age cut is arbitrary. Images of Children knowingly expands the term. The exhibition features 100 fine photographs, many from the university’s own collection, and many by Maine artists working today.

Inside the Cube: Looking Back Over 40 Years

April 20–July 15, 2018

Designed by architect Tom Larson and opened in 1977, the Art Gallery on the University of New England’s Portland campus and its collections have undergone various phases of history and development. This exhibition will focus on the story and transformation of the gallery’s architectural space and permanent collection. Beginning with the architectural history and museum ideologies of the 1970s in which the “Cube” was built, and ending with the recent endowment of the Stephen K. Halpert Photography Collection, this exhibition will offer selections from the permanent collection with a comprehensive evolution of the UNE Art Gallery in Portland.

2018 Department of Arts Faculty Exhibition

August 1–October 21, 2018

Featuring artwork and music created by the faculty of the UNE Department of Arts, this exhibition evidences fresh and ongoing inquiries, bodies of work, and processes. From the formal and conceptual to the literal and metaphoric, personal and universal boundaries overlap, merge, contradict or challenge our assumptions and perceptions. The UNE Art Gallery on the Portland Campus invites the community to engage with the work and to delve into the expansive dialogue on view. 

Annual Sculpture Garden Invitational

June 8–October 31, 2018

Curated by Anne B. Zill, Carolyn Heasly, Ilana Welch, and Amanda Skinner

Mounted in honor of Grant Jacks, the Sculpture Garden Invitational’s original Portland-based collector and curator, this year’s exhibition is the 17th annual show. Included are works by Andreas von Huene, Lin Lisberger, Nancy Nevergole, Jean Noon, Judy O’Donnell, Elizabeth Ostrander, Daphne Pulsifer, Antoinette Schultze, Jordan Smith, Melita Westerlund, Carole Whelan, and John Wilkinson, among others. Works are mounted in the gallery vestibule, as well as around the gallery’s exterior and in the historic quadrangle facing Stevens Avenue.