Guide to the Long Family Collection, 1944-1946

Finding aid prepared by Caitlin Tetreau and Jennifer Cox.

Collection number:     BLC-CR15
Title:     Long Family Collection, 1944-1946
Dates:     1944-1946, bulk 1944-1945
Extent:     1.5 linear feet 382 letters

Collection Scope and Content

This collection which spans over six binders contains 382 letters, photographs, postcards, V-mail, photos and documents from and about U.S Army Pvt. Robert D. Long (created 1944-1946). Pvt. Long served in the European Theatre, including Italy, Sicily and Africa. The letters are addressed to multiple correspondents including family members such as his brother Alonzo "Lonnie" Long, his mother Julia Long and his sister Sara Long. Within this collection is information covering all aspects of Long’s life as a soldier. Pvt. Long talks about living in and digging fox holes, and guarding German prisoners whom he believes are being treated too well and once released will become the next Hitler. Pvt. Long gives opinions about the war and what he hears is happening in the Western and Pacific fronts where German soldiers and Tokyo are being attacked.  Pvt. Long informs us that African- American soldiers have told the Italians that the Americans painted them black so they could fight better at night. Many times he mentions that letters are being cut up by censors and how the only thing soldiers are allowed to write about is the weather. Everything from training to living on the front is addressed in this collection. Accompanying the correspondence are multiple pieces of memorabilia including newspaper clippings, magazines, pamphlets, bulletins and documents.


Arranged chronologically.

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Collection Contents


001        Nov.-Dec. 1942
002        Jan.-Feb. 1943
003        March-May, 1943
004        June-July 1943
005        Aug. - Sept. 1943
006        Oct.-Nov. 1943
007        Dec. 1943-Jan. 1944
008        Feb.- March 1944
009        April-May 1944
010        June-July 1944
011        August 1944
012        Sept.- Oct. 1944
013        Nov. -Dec. 1944
014        Jan. 1945
015        Feb. 1945
016        March- April 1945
017        May-June 1945
018        July 1945
019        Aug.-Oct. 1945
020        Misc. and undated letters 
021        Misc.