Guide to the Ruth Lowderback Collection, 1930-1963

Finding aid prepared by Caitlin Tetreau and Jennifer Cox.

Collection number:     BLC-CR17
Title:     Ruth Lowderback Collection, 1930-1963
Dates:     1944-1963
Extent:     .5 linear feet 138 letters

Collection Scope and Content

This collection includes 214 letters from Ruth E. Lowderback to her husband Charlie J. Lowderback. Ruth was an Air Evacuation Nurse stationed in Hawaii. She and Charlie were married in October of 1944 and immediately separated as she went to Hawaii and he went to the Pacific. Charlie was a 1st Lt. in the Signal Corps. Ruth wrote to Charlie nearly every day they were apart, and nearly all of the letters are at least three pages long. She writes from Hawaii, Manila, the Phillipines, Saipan and other Pacific Islands. She writes from planes cruising back and forth over the Pacific carrying wounded men to San Francisco. She writes about her daily life including learning to cook and sew, saving money for their future, her adventures with friends, and the things she buys. She often writes about movies and music, including a list of the 1945 Academy Award winners. She writes about what it is like to be an Air Evacuation Nurse and how much she enjoys her work. She includes letters about Roosevelt's death and the dropping of the atom bomb. Most of all, she writes about how much she loves and misses Charlie. She talks about how there is a void in her life without him and how she cannot wait to get back to him. She talks about how she can barely speak to the men on the islands because no man holds her interest except Charlie. She talks constantly about their future together and all of the things they will do when they are finally reunited. Many of her letters have sexual connotations, and she humorously apologizes to the censors for her indecency. She dreams of children and talks about the other women in her unit and their children and marital woes. She often sends Charlie song lyrics, poems and excerpts from magazines. With the correspondence were 12 pieces of undated V-mail, Charlie's health, pay and promotion forms, some letters Charlie wrote after the war, and an edition of The Morning News from October 7, 1945.


Arranged chronologically.

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Collection Contents


001        November 21-December 17, 1944
002        January 9-18,1945
003        January 18-28, 1945
004        February 4-16, 1945
005        February 19-27, 1945
006        March 1-19, 1945
007        March 20-31, 1945
008        April 1-12, 1945
009        April 13-29, 1945
010        May 1-20, 1945
011        May 21-31, 1945
012        June 2-17, 1945
013        June 18-30, 1945
014        July 1-16, 1945
015        July 17-31, 1945
016        August 1-14, 1945
017        August 18-31, 1945
018        September 1-30, 1945
019        October 1-November 1, 1945
020        January 26-May 20, 1946 and undated
021        Charlie's records
022        Orders, 1942-45 [3 folders]
023        Service letter signed by President Truman
024        Immunization and pay stubs
025        Memorabilia
026        Postwar letters, 1962-63
027        Clipping, Boston Herald, March 30, 1942
028        Newspaper, Calcutta Morning News, October 7, 1945