Coyote Connections: Coyote - America's Songdog

Themed Event

Geri Vistein

Conservation biologist and co-curator Geri Vistein will present Coyote ~ America's Songdog, detailing Coyote's long history, ecology, social life and relationship with other wildlife and the ecosystem as well as humans. Visitors are invited to share their own stories and dialogue about the interrelatedness of all life. This presentation gives community members a chance to come together and share their own stories, ask questions they have been wanting to ask, and share a dialogue that helps them to understand their deep rooted relationships with all life, including the Coyote. Come hear the Song Dogs sing! All ages welcome.


Geri Vistein is a Conservation Biologist in Maine. Her work focuses on carnivores and human's relationship with them. She received her undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana, and her Masters in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont.  To learn more about Coyotes, go to Geri Vistein’s educational website.


Art Gallery
716 Stevens Ave
Portland, 04103


Anne B. Zill

(207) 221-4499

5:00 PM6:30 PM
Art Gallery

Portland Campus

Free and open to the public