Windward Cafe

With options ranging from the rich roasts of Starbucks Espresso to the fresh fruits of a Freshëns Smoothie, Windward Café attracts customers with all types of taste. Come early in the morning for your coffee and watch the fog rise off the bay or stay late to study in the library and reward yourself with a Frozen Yogurt Microblast. Known for fresh salads and hearty paninis, 

The Windward Café offers organic and local produce as well as local organic bottled soda.  With free WiFi and a bright dining and study area, we have become the hotspot on campus where students and staff meet over lunch or dinner to work on group projects, or simply unwind with a Caramel Macchiato. Whether you start or end your day with us, you know it'll be worth it when you're dining at the Windward Café. 

Freshëns Smoothie Company® offering award-winning premium yogurt and all natural fresh blended smoothies, is an irresistible draw. Enjoy the largest selection of over thirty premium fat-free and no-sugar added flavors.

We proudly serve freshly-brewed Starbucks® coffee at The Windward Café. That rich, tempting aroma is hard to resist.