Nor'easter Café

The Nor'easter Café provides a delicious variety of choices sure to meet your dining needs. We offer touchscreen computers that allow you to place and pick up your order as quickly an efficiently as possible. The process takes just a few minutes, enabling you to get to class or work on time.

We offer the following stations:

Food on Demand - Food on Demand is a computer-based ordering system that allows you to see the meal you are building as you order it. All food is cooked to order, on demand with just a few minutes for you to wait.

Beverage Station – Our newly renovated Beverage bar covers all the basics, including Pepsi fountain soda, smoothies & milkshakes, a juice bar, Starbucks coffee, and iced coffee and espresso drinks made to order. Our baked goods selection is showcased at this station as well, and a cashier is available all day long to meet your needs.

Grab & Go – This menu includes an array of hot and cold sandwiches, salads, snacks, candies, chips and gum to supplement your plate or make a meal quickly when you're on the go. All items are made fresh daily, and we have an express register available during peak periods for when you're in a hurry.

eDining offers the convenience of online ordering. You order and pay online through your smartphone or computer, and your order is ready for you by the time you arrive at the Café