Department Advising Liaisons

CAS advising liaisons are the primary administrative resource people for academic advising matters concerning majors, students and faculty within their department. Responsibilities of an advising liaison include:

  • Assigns advisors to students within the department
  • Serves as the initial contact for advisement issues/problems for students, faculty, student affairs, registrar and CAS Dean's Office
  • Orients new department faculty to advisement process
  • Coordinates orientation, registration and advisement training activities in conjunction with the CAS director of advisement
Department Advising Liaison Extension
Art & Communications Stephen Burt 2193
Biological Sciences Jennifer Lussier 2537
First Year Biology Whitney Mills 2792
Business Mike Daley 2592
Chemistry & Physics Stephen Fox 2317
Education Cindy Altimari 2846
English Matthew Anderson 2726
Environmental Sciences Owen Grumbling 2245
History Elizabeth DeWolfe 2322
Liberal Studies Linda Sartorelli 2247
Philosophy Linda Sartorelli 2247
Marine Science Leah Bymers 2601
Mathematics Susan Gray 2248
Personal Major Charles Tilburg 2130
Political Science Ali Ahmida 2804
Pre-Health Professions Whitney Mills 2792
Pre-Pharmacy Kathryn McGill-Cavallero 2288
Psychology Nancy Rankin 2479
Society, Culture & Languages Ayala Cnaan 2327
Sport Management Rick LaRue 2605
Women's & Gender Studies Jennifer Tuttle 4433