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Arts and Communications

Located in UNE’s beautiful seaside campus in Biddeford, Maine, the Department of Arts and Communications serves over 550 students each semester with a wide array of courses in visual and performing arts and communications.

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A vital part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the department offers bachelor of arts degrees in:

It also offer minors in:

The curriculum also provides a broad range of opportunities for core curriculum and elective study.

Courses in the arts and communications emphasize the acquisition of knowledge through experiential and engaged learning in both traditional studio arts and cutting edge digital media. Inspiring discussion and stimulating thought, the curriculum imparts fundamental skills while encouraging students to expand their expressive capabilities.

Courses in communications emphasize real world skills in information technology and professional practice while at the same time encouraging creative approaches that cross disciplines.

Guided by a gifted and professional faculty, students are asked to explore and question their assumptions about culture and history. In Arts and Communications students develop a means of critical inquiry and exploration of the world in which we live.

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Student Spotlight

Julia Keane '12
Art, Education

"Student teaching and field work have been the most helpful things to me regarding education, and my ..."

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"Sarah Gorham's class that I took last semester was an amazing outlet for my creative talent. The spontaneity of the class was welcoming and challenging to all of the students. There are few opportunities @ UNE where undergrad students are challenged to use there own raw unpolished talent to produce work that is so personal and so vulnerable to others' interpretation (and our own standards we set for ourselves). ... Innovation and creative insight are essential for breakout success in any profession in the real world. The art class challenges the brain and the hand and our inner person to explore our creative imagination and our relationship with our world and ourselves. I need this class in my life and in my education for so many reasons. All of the students at UNE would greatly benefit from any of the art classes @ UNE and most definitely a class with Sarah Gorham."
Sean Christopher Curry '15, marine science major