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Biology is an exploration of the living world that underscores and explains the unity and diversity of life. But it is also a truly human endeavor in that it affects us all. Because we live at this time in human history – at the beginning of what many believe to be a biological age – students must be able to apply biological concepts to the wide array of problems and choices they inevitably face.

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The University of New England at its coastal Maine campus in Biddeford offers biology students:
Maine High School Seniors

Are you interested in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) major. At least 12 Maine students majoring in STEM disciplines at UNE, beginning with the UNE Class of 2018, will receive four-year NSF SUCCESS scholarships.  Find out more.


Alumni Spotlight

Brittany Bolduc '11
Medical Biology, Department of Biology; Neuroscience, Department of Psychology

"Working in this lab taught me how a professional research lab is run, including the ethical use of ..."

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