Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

Curricular Requirements
Pre-Pharmacy Track Required Courses  
ENG 110 - English Composition 4
MAT 150 - Statistics for Life Sciences 3
MAT 190 - Calculus I (prereq: MAT 180 or test placement) 4
(Explorations) Humanities Course
Prefix must be ARB, ARH, ART, ENG, FRE, HIS, LIT, MUS, PHI, REL, SPA, or WST
PSY 105 - Intro to Psychology 3
(SGA) Social/Global Awareness Course with a SOC prefix 3
SPC 100 - Effective Public Speaking 3
Core/Liberal Arts Electives (two courses)
(ADV) Advanced Studies or (ART) Creative Arts or
(HT) Human Traditions 276 or 278 with one of the following prefixes: 

(Only one course from each category may be selected.)

BIO 105 - Biology I: Intro to Ecology/Evolution 4
BIO 106- Biology II: Intro to Cellular/Molecular Bio 4
BIO 208 - Intro Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 209 - Intro Anatomy & Physiology II 4
CHE 110 - General Chemistry I 4
CHE 111 - General Chemistry II 4
CHE 210 - Organic Chemistry I 5
CHE 211 - Organic Chemistry II 5
PHY 110 - Physics I* 4
PHY 111 - Physics II** 4
PHM 100 - Introduction to Pharmacy Practice/Professional Rescuer Training 1
* PHY 210 may be substituted for PHY 110  
** PHY 211 may be substituted for PHY 111  

Note: Some of the courses listed above may be waived with prior credit that meets UNE approved criteria as outlined in the academic catalog (i.e. AP examination scores or transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions of higher education).   Please also note that the pre-pharmacy course sequence is different from the traditional biochemistry undergraduate major course sequence. Students seeking to complete the bachelor of science degree in biochemistry should review the Biochemistry Program information located in the academic catalog at the time of admission.