Green Learning Community

U N E environmental students and faculty at a campsite The Green Learning Community (GLC) is an intentional community of professors and first-year students dedicated to studying human relations to the environment through many ways of knowing. As a first-year student in the Environmental Studies or Environmental Science program, you participate in this year-long experience, which integrates courses in biology, environmental issues, literature, and economics. Your peers from from other majors are also welcome in the GLC, as they bring diversity and unique points of view to the community.

As you attend classes, you often find the same topic presented from different perspectives. You learn about the environment in an atmosphere where your opinions are welcomed and valued by supportive professors who foster a sense of community.

The small class sizes in the GLC allow you to receive individual attention and instruction that help develop your academic, research and communication skills:


  • Careful reading
  • Critical thinking
  • Precise writing


  • Hands-on field investigations
  • Independent research on topics of intent


  • Public speaking
  • Productive collaboration
  • Problem solving

Much of the learning you do through the GLC takes place outside the classroom. The community-building experiences begin early in the fall with a retreat to Bryant Pond where you explore your individual goals for learning while collaborating in outdoor activities like hiking, paddling and working through a ropes course. Additional field trips throughout the year take you to places like the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, Wildlife Conservation Lands, and the Portland Trail System.

Another benefit of the GLC is that it connects you with other first-year students who share your interest in the outdoors, which can help ease the transition from high school to college.