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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

The University of New England is a special place to study the arts and sciences. Its location on the coast of Maine, where the waters of the Saco River flow into the Atlantic Ocean, is a confluence of natural resources that over the years has attracted and inspired students and faculty from around the nation and the world.

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It is indeed a place "where the life of the planet converges with the life of the mind."

Caring for the world around us

The liberal arts and sciences are an exploration of the natural world and the world of human kind. It is this study that fosters inquiry while creating an empathy - and a caring - for the world around us.

And it is this pursuit of knowledge and caring for the world that is at the center of the mission of the College of Arts and Sciences. The College is committed to the enhancement of the quality of life and to the preparation of students - through an education based on the liberal arts and sciences in an atmosphere rich in scholarship and service - for meaningful and rewarding careers.

A vital balance

Students will discover a rich array of collaborative and interdisciplinary academic experiences built upon a solid core of disciplinary roots in the humanities, arts, natural and social sciences. Each field of study provides a vital balance between the breadth of a traditional liberal arts education and the depth necessary for advanced knowledge in a field.

The College believes deeply in undergraduate research because it embodies the ideal of education. Research is not restricted to the sciences and mathematics. Scholarship and creative activities in all disciplines are available to UNE students. Our goal is to have every student in the College of Arts and Sciences engage in research in one way or another because we believe in the value of the experience.

The University’s new Marine Science Education and Research Center and the laboratory facilities of the Harold Alfond Center for Health Sciences provide some of the best resources in the nation for the study of the sciences.


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