International internships

U N E student interns sit surrounded by small children they are instructing

International internships allow you to experience a career field from a global perspective. Imagine spending time overseas, immersed in a foreign culture, while holding a professional position with an overseas or international organization.

The UNE College of Arts and Sciences Internship Office grants course credit for internships you complete abroad. You must receive approval the semester prior to the internship.

International internships are available in the spring, summer and fall semesters. They may be taken independently as a solo course, or during a study-abroad semester.

You may design and propose your own international internship experience, or we can help you apply through a third-party vendor such as:

School for Field Studies (SFS)

Internships in Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia and Turks & Caicos

Majors in: Environmental Science/Studies; Biology; Marine Biology.
Qualifiers: Spring and fall semesters; directed research; summer program.

SIT (School for International Training)

Independent Study Project (4 weeks)

Majors in: Environmental Science/Studies; GIS; Environmental Health; Biology; Aquaculture; Marine Biology; Medical Biology; Health Sciences; Physical Therapy; Psych-Biology.
Qualifiers: Custom designed independent study; practicum projects.

Operation Wallacea

Internships in Indonesia, Honduras, Peru, Cuba, South Africa, Mozambique and Egypt

Majors in: Environmental Science/Studies; Marine Biology; Biology; Aquaculture; Aquarium Science.
Qualifiers: Internships for biodiversity and conservation management research programs, research assistants (minimum 3 weeks).

SEA Semester Internships in the Atlantic, Atlantic/Caribbean, Caribbean or Pacific

Majors in: Environmental Science,/Studies; Marine Biology; Biology.
Qualifiers: Internships can be taken for any of the Sea Component practical courses.

LEXIA Study Abroad

Internships in Western and Eastern Europe

Majors in: Environmental Science/Studies; GIS; Environmental Health; Biology; Aquaculture; Marine Biology; Medical Biology; Health Sciences; Physical Therapy; Psych-Biology.
Qualifiers: Internships are supplemental to required coursework, and placement is not guaranteed. A grand total of at least 120 hours, at no more than 10 hours per week are required to earn internship credit. Placements must match your field of study.


Internships in Australia and New Zealand

Majors in: Hospitality; Tourism; Sports & Recreation; Sustainable Tourism; Eco-tourism; Science; Environmental Science; Veterinary and Zoological Science; Custom Designed Fields; Medical Biology; Physical Therapy; Veterinary Science; Environmental Science; Marine Science; Aquaculture; Psycho-Biology.
Qualifiers: Study abroad with course transfer for internship: Regional Australian Field Studies (3-week program, 3 credits); Tourism Planning and the Environment (3-week program, 3 credits); Coral Bay, Western Australia Marine Science (3-week program, 3 credits); Tropical Marine Ecology of Australia’s East Coast (4-week program, 3 credits).

Semester Abroad Programs

Potential for internship credit for internship-style courses taken overseas. Study/Internship Combination Programs in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Council on International Exchange (CIEE)

Internships, study abroad, summer work and volunteer trips

Majors in: Environmental Science/Studies; GIS; Environmental Health; Biology; Aquaculture; Marine Biology; Medical Biology; Health Sciences; Physical Therapy; Veterinary; Psych-Biology.
Qualifiers: Internships can be self-designed or you may choose one from CIEE’s website.

ELI (Experiential Learning International)

Internships in South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nicaragua, Philippines, Poland, Tanzania and Vietnam

Majors in: Art; Business; Environmental Studies; Physical Therapy; Veterinary; Biology.
Qualifiers: See brochure or website.

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