Latin American Studies Minor Curriculum Requirements

Curricular Requirements

The Latin American Studies Minor at the University of New England consists of 18 credits (6 three-credit courses) and a recommended experience in Latin America. Study will be in disciplines such as: foreign language, sociology, history, and political science. Two courses are required from two different disciplines. Students will choose four additional courses from the list of electives. There is also a recommended Latin American Experience, detailed below.*


It is expected that students complete at least an intermediate level of Spanish. A student may petition for another course or for transferred credits to count for this requirement.

SPA 211 - Intermediate Spanish 3

Society in Latin America (3 credits):

It is expected that students complete a sociology course related to Latin America. A student may petition for another course or for transferred credits to count for this requirement.

SOC 230 - Society in Latin America 3

Electives (12 credits)

For the remaining four courses, or twelve credits, students may select from the following:

Foreign Language Credits
SPA 101 - Basic Spanish 3
SPA 211 - Intermediate Spanish 3
HIS 240 - Latin American History I: Colonial Latin America 3
HIS 241 - Latin American History II: Modern Latin America 3

HIS 252 - Gender in Latin American History


HIS 316 - Rebels and Revolution in 20th Century Latin America

SOC 310 - Population, Society and Culture 3

SOC 331 - Latin American Society and Culture through Cinema

Political Science  

PSC 405 - Latin American Politics


PSC 406 - State and Society Relations in Third World Countries


Courses in Latin American Studies can also be taken through the Greater Portland Alliance. Additionally, courses from UNE study abroad programs in Latin America and Spain can be substituted for the minor. These courses will be approved on an individual basis by the Director of Latin American Studies Minor and/or Department Chair of Society, Culture, Languages.


Latin American Experiences

*In addition to completing the 18 credits in the Latin American Studies Minor, it is strongly recommended that a student spend some time in a country in Latin America, the Caribbean, or Spain. This can consist of a study abroad experience, an appropriate Global Citizenship Course, or personal experience.

If a student is unable to complete a Latin American Experience, then he/she can still complete the minor by taking an additional elective course listed above or petition an appropriate transfer course.