Ocean Studies and Marine Affairs Major

A student and professor wear life jackets on a marine research vessel As human activities continue to reshape our shorelines and alter our coastal systems, the need increases for men and women with expert knowledge in the conservation, management, regulation and governance of the planet’s oceans and their resources. Our B.A. Ocean Studies and Marine Affairs program prepares you to be a leader in this growing field. 

You study the institutions that oversee coastal and marine systems and understand how humans impact the oceans. You consider coastal and marine science, resource policy and use, ecosystems ecology, conservation approaches, and methods of sustainable development. 

As a graduate of our program, you are positioned for a career with a government agency regulating coastal and marine systems; a private company endeavoring to comply with coastal and marine regulations; a company engaged in environmental monitoring; or as a teacher, policy expert, congressional staffer, consultant, or marine business owner. 

We also offer a minor in Ocean Studies and Marine Affairs.

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