Health, Law & Policy Minor Curriculum

Curricular Requirements

Students wishing to pursue a minor in health law & politics must have an advisor in the program and approval from the chair of the political science department.  Each student will work with a faculty advisor to design a minor consisting of six courses (18 credits) that supports the student's interests, according to the following guidelines and availability:

Program Required Courses:

PSC 325 - Politics of Public Health

Three of the following courses.  However, a student must take at least one law course and at least one political science course:


PSC 106 - Law & American Society

PSC 125 - Understanding the Law

PSC 203 - Politics of Law

PSC 210 - Constitutional Law

Political Science:

PSC 101 - Introduction to American Politics

PSC 105 - Introduction to Political Science

PSC 200 -  Introduction to Political Theory

PSC 220 - Research Methods

PSC 432 - Autonomy/Politics of Reproduction

Two of the following courses:

ENG 310 - Writing & Women's Health

ANT 211 - Medical Anthropology

SOC 355 - Medical Sociology

BUEC 385 - Health Economics

HSM 370 - Law & Ethics of Health Care

PHI 406 - Human Genome Project Ethics

SOC 460 - Social Policy and Planning

PSY 235 - Health Psychology