Early College Summer Programs

Early College Program Pages will be updated by December for Summer 2017

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Early College program participants sit around a campfire

Begin your path toward your future by spending time on the beautiful coast of Maine this summer. The University of New England offers an opportunity for rising juniors and seniors in high school to earn three credits while experiencing college life. If you are an academic achiever, you may be qualified to participate in our summer Early College Program. By starting your journey to college life you will have an advantage of both an educational experience and college culture familiarity. UNE’s Early College Program provides the opportunity to study at one of US News and World Reports top universities. Begin your college career with credits and a college transcript. Students can get a taste of college life by living in a dorm or commuting from home during the course of study. Each program includes exciting academic trips along with recreational field trip opportunities to explore the scenic coast of Maine in the summer.

  • As an Early College Coastal Marine Ecology student, you get an overview of the Marine Sciences and Environmental Studies, work in a state-of-the-art research facility, and study marine ecosystems in the lab and in the field.
  • As an Early College Neuroscience student, you learn from top UNE neuroscientists who open up their laboratories and provide lectures in this highly competitive program. You study such topics as cellular anatomy and function, drug effects and pharmacology, animal behavior, and philosophical implications of neuroscience research.
  • As an Early College Creative Writing (Poetry) student, you work within a supportive community of fellow writers to complete exercises designed to explore and foster aspects of craft, study a range of contemporary and historical poetic models and develop a significant portfolio of original writing. You will explore and experiment with a range of poetic styles, from traditional and exotic forms (such as the sonnet, ghazal and the pantoum) to contemporary free verse. 
  • As an Early College Pre-Law/Trial Advocacy student, you enroll in a unique pre-law program that introduces the American legal system through the study of case law and through the use of a mock trial. You take on roles of attorneys and witnesses and present your case in front of practicing attorneys.
  • As an Early College Discrete Mathematics & Game Theory student, you will learn the fundamentals of Graph Theory through real-world applications of networks, and study both classical and combinatorial Game Theory through hands-on activities. Students will develop a final project around a topic of their choice involving the applications of discrete mathematics.
  • As an Early College Outdoor Environmental Studies student, you will learn about nature by immersing yourself in the environment. You will study the ecology along with the environmental history, ethics and policy of the outdoors. Students learn how all of these topics are intertwined.