As a Psychology major you benefit from the extensive expertise of our faculty in the areas of human development, clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, learning and memory, social psychology, the biological basis of behavior and animal modeling.

Apart from our tenure track faculty who have doctoral degrees in their specialties, we also have two licensed clinicians on our faculty, which is very rare among undergraduate programs across the country.  

Since many of our students are interested in clinical/counseling psychology as a future health profession, we have faculty that can assist you in pursuing that path.

Full-time Faculty

Assistant Professor

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Decary Hall

I am broadly interested in studying learning, memory and emotion using behavioral neuroscience techniques.  I have more recently become interested in how the brain's memory systems and emotional regulation systems come to function and cooperate over the course of development.  I enjoy teaching at both the introductory and upper levels. When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and practicing the martial arts.Read More


Animal Learning and Behavior. Limbic System Function. Developmental Psychobiology.

Associate Professor

Coordinator of Undergraduate Research

Program Coordinator, Animal Behavior Major

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In general, my research group investigates how pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and other pollutants that might enter the enivronment through man-made means negatively affect the behavior of the fish living in these polluted waters. Behavior is both a very sensitive and rapid endpoint of exposure and has important fitness implications. We study many different behaviors that are important for species survival, from exploration to courtship. In addition to this overarching theme, we are also interested in how and why individuals,... Read More


courtship and aggression; influence of social environment on behavior; individual variation in behavior; behavioral endocrinology; fish behavior; communication networks; effects of endocrine disrupters and inadvertant pharmaceutical exposure on fish behav

Cathy Ferrick

Cathleen Ferrick

M.Ed. Counseling Psychology

Lecturer; MHRT/C Coordinator

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Counseling Psychology

crisis intervention


Community Based Mental Health Services

Susan Jarmuz-Smith

Assistant Lecturer

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Decary Hall

I am honored to begin my fourth year at UNE in the Department of Psychology. I have a MS in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis and am a doctoral candidate in School Psychology.

My life changed directions in 2004 from a career in engineering to a career in psychology. That year my first child was born needing significant support and my full attention. While raising him (and his sister), I took classes in behavioral psychology... Read More


Applied Behavior Analysis

Classroom Management

Effective Teaching

Technology in the Practice of Psychology and Teaching

Academic Differentiation

Psychological Assessment

Patricia Long

Clinical Professor & Chair, Department of Psychology

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Decary Hall

Trish Long joined UNE in 2014 as Clinical Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department.  Her area of specialization is Clinical Psychology and her interests span the issues of sexual victimization, abnormal psychology, psychological research & statistical methods, and gender issues.  Dr. Long’s research investigates both the factors associated with the perpetration of rape and sexual assault and the mental health issues experienced by survivors of sexual victimization.   She invites students who are interested in participating in research on these... Read More


Clinical Psychology

Psychological Research & Statistical Methods

Psychology of Gender

Sexual Victimization

Julie Longua Peterson

Assistant Professor

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Decary Hall

Julie Longua Peterson is an Assistant Professor of psychology at the University of New England and the principal investigator of the Self and Close Relationships Lab.  Her program of research investigates the ways in which explicit (conscious, controlled) and implicit (unconscious, automatic) self and relationship processes influence how people navigate the ups and downs of daily life (e.g., acceptance, rejection).  Julie's courses include Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methods, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, and a seminar in Self... Read More


Explicit and Implicit self-esteem; self-regulation; the role of the self in close relationships (e.g.

romantic relationships)

Zach Olson

Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior

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Decary Hall


Wildlife Conservation;

Behavioral ecology

Conservation genetics;

Glenn Stevenson

Associate Professor

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Decary Hall


Drug development; preclinical methods development; opioid pharmacology; pain; exercise; drug abuse; drug interactions

Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour

Assistant Professor

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Decary Hall


Cognitive psychology; memory processes underlying reading comprehension; reading interventions; and learning.



Professor Emeritus of Psychology



Developmental Psychology

Stress in Childhood

Community Interventions

Stress Management in Childrern