Mental Health Rehabilitation Curriculum

Curricular Requirements

Students completing the following 7 courses will be awarded a minor in Mental Health Rehabilitation and are eligible for MHRT/C certification from the state of Maine:   

Course                                                                                                                           Credits

PSY105  Introduction to Psychology                                                                   3
PSY 205   Abnormal Psychology                                                                             3
PSY 250  Lifespan Development                                                                            3
PSY 236  Mental Health and Society                                                                   3
PSY 318  Community Psychology                                                                         3

           OR PSY 300 Psychology Internship I
SOC 240  Race, Class, and Gender                                                                       3
PSY 410  Theories of Clinical/Counseling Psychology                              3

          OR  PSY295 Listening and Communication Skills


TOTAL CREDITS:                                                                                                            21