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undergraduate Research

Letter from the Dean

Welcome to the UNE College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research web site. 

We believe that undergraduate research embodies the ideal of education, allowing for students to pursue unique avenues of learning that cannot always be achieved in a traditional classroom. Consequently, our goal is to provide every student in the College of Arts and Sciences with the opportunity to engage in research no matter their field of study.

Students can work with our faculty during the academic year, studying such diverse topics as land use in the Saco River Watershed, implications of technology on personal privacy, and the effects of the Book of Kells on Yeat’s lyric poetry.

A number of our students pursue research over the summer. UNE sponsors competitive fellowships that provide stipends to students who work with faculty to research everything from examination of the populations of wetland turtles to analysis of World War II letters.

Our internship program has provided students with opportunities to live and work throughout the world.  Recent UNE students have traveled as far away as the Hoga Island Marine Research Station in Indonesia and as close as the Department of Marine Resources in Maine.

I invite you to make the most of your education here at the University of New England and hope you will choose to engage in undergraduate research while you are here. This is your opportunity to study side by side with our world-class faculty working on cutting-edge research. I hope you take it!

Jeanne Hey
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences