Beyond the Classroom

Applied Sociological Experience

As a Sociology major, you complete an internship and a semester-long Applied Sociological Experience (ASE). You explore crucial aspects of the discipline in a real world setting.

There are three different ways to fulfill the ASE:

Study Abroad

You spend a semester in Seville, Spain, or Tangier, Morocco, for the same cost as studying in Biddeford, or you stay for an extended period in a foreign country over the summer. For more information, see our Global Education Program.

Research Project

You work with faculty to plan, conduct and report on an extensive research project.

Extended Internship

In addition to the shorter internship that all Sociology majors complete, you spend an entire semester at a site, gaining valuable professional experience. You choose a social services agency, educational institution, or other appropriate site, then apply the knowledge you’ve gained on campus to your work in the field. Click here for a list of internship locations in Maine.

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