Why Become a Mentor?


Mentors have experienced great things when mentoring. Some common feelings include:

  • Giving back to the community.
  • Making a difference.
  • Providing support to children that need it most.
  • Forming strong connections with mentees.
  • Exploring possible career paths.
  • Deepening academic experience via service-learning.

What Do Students Like Best About Mentoring?

“The feeling of playing a role in the child’s life.”

“I love being around the kids, helping them, and playing with them. It’s like a weekly
‘medicine’ – I love going every week. It’s a break from school.”

“Being able to help and be there for the kids – just by being there we make their day.”

Mentor Opportunities

  • Leadership – become a member of the CCMP Advisory Board.
  • Training – receive training useful for mentoring and beyond.
  • Relationships – meet other mentors, children, teachers, UNE staff and leaders of the community.