Mentor Responsibilities

  • Commit one to two hours a week to mentee(s) and mentoring site for one academic year.
  • Attend a mandatory two hour training before mentoring occurs.
  • Attend periodic reflection sessions.
  • Provide a positive role model for a child.
  • Assist mentees with academic work.
  • Join mentees in extracurricular activities.
  • Give mentee and CCMP coordinator advance notice when missing a session.
  • Do not see mentees outside of mentoring sites.

Guidelines for Citizenship Students

  1. Students who have already been in 1:1 mentoring relationships for one or more semesters may continue to mentor and include it as part of their Citizenship requirement.
  2. Students in Fall Citizenship sections may enter into 1:1 mentoring relationships, with the understanding that they must continue to mentor through the Spring semester.
  3. Students in Spring Citizenship sections may not enter into new 1:1 mentoring relationships.
  4. All Citizenship students and sections are welcome to participate in group mentoring programs.