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Will Cloud Computing Really Be Bigger Than The Internet?

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Do you use Facebook? Then you’re in the cloud! Store songs in iCloud? Clearly in the cloud! Twitter? You’re a cloud expert!

With adoption skyrocketing, cloud computing is destined to become the new computer model for the next 20-25 years. Combined with mobility, social media apps and “big data,” cloud will have an even greater impact than the early Internet--on how we live, work, govern, and even educate!

Welcome to the next big IT inflection point!

In this talk, we’ll learn about what “the cloud” is and explore real stories of how it’s bringing the world together in ways not possible before. The ways we create business, predict natural disasters, reinvent transportation, promote democracy, expand the Genome and deliver higher education are all being reinvented by the cloud.

How is the cloud affecting YOU? Join us for a fun talk on what’s here now—and what’s coming!