Student/Alumni Perspectives

Steven Rougas '14

"UNE has provided me with endless opportunities for advancement and collaboration. The Medical Education Leadership team is phenomenal, well-organized, and endlessly enthusiastic. My experience has been nothing but positive." 

Matthew Tews '14

"The best thing is that the course content has been applicable to everything I do in day-to-day academic medicine." 

Robin Watts '14

"UNE has an undying desire to make the learning experience for its students positive, uplifting, memorable, and challenging." 

Andrew Petrosoniak '14

"The in-depth curriculum development course helped me create and implement a new curriculum in our emergency department. I received ongoing feedback and suggestions for curriculum improvements that have contributed to its success." 

Amy Chmielewski, B.A. '14

"I find the most beneficial aspect of the MMEL program to be the connection of coursework and projects to the daily work of my institution. The courses encourage students to take an instructor’s perspective when analyzing their programs techniques and provide the tools necessary to improve in the areas of curriculum design, research, evaluation and of course leadership!"

Aaron W. Bernard, M.D. '13

"The course work is excellent. I appreciate the diversity of content delivery methods (reading, podcasts, discussions). I also enjoy the way the courses have us apply what we are learning to our day-to-day work." 

Antoinette Spevetz, M.D. '13

"I like the convenience of online learning, being able to work whenever I have time in my schedule." 

Raju Panta, M.D. '13

"All the teachers are amazing individuals who have done so much in the field of medical education and are excellent instructors as well."

Cesar Yaghi, M.D. '13

"An excellent opportunity joining pedagogy, management and leadership in a fully online program."

Dr. Sithembile Mtombeni '13

"All courses form interesting interlinked puzzle pieces of the whole MMEL program, and you can never resist the urge to apply them to your daily work as they represent instant “solutions in sight." 

Michael L. Spear, M.D. '13

"Online learning has been a new, exciting experience for me. It is enhancing my current skills as a teacher, and expanding my horizons for curriculum planning and development." 

Ralph K.  Messo, Jr., , D.O., FAAP, FACOP, FACOI, FACP '13

"I find it refreshing to “speak” to other students who are sometimes a state away, and other times are on the other side of the world! It is like a small network of educators all sharing a common goal, which is, furthering our education so we can be the best educators we can be!" 

Gavin G. Parker, B.Sc., M.D., C.C.F.P. '13

"I enjoyed our course on Curriculum Design and have already incorporated ideas from this course into our residency program."

Jared Kutzin, DNP, M.P.H., RN '13

"All of the projects have been useful. Each time I start a new class, I find projects at work that correspond to the class. It’s nice to be able to translate class work into productive deliverables at work." 

Stacie Stepney '12

"The initial class gave me an overview immediately of what the program was about." 

Amanda Kocoloski '12

"While there are classmates from all over the spectrum professionally and geographically, the program really brings together individuals interested in medical education. This is my first experience with online learning, but the faculty and support staff have been terrific!" 

Laurie Whitman, MSE '12

"The course work for the UNE program was relevant and directly applicable to my work. I was able to tailor the focus of my projects and papers to the specifics of working with standardized patients and with both dental and medical students." 

Kashif A. Ahmad, Ph.D. '11

"I have really enjoyed the concept of online learning. The UNE program is rigorous and gives you the opportunity of small group learning. There is a diverse group of students in every cohort, and learning from their experiences adds to the strength of the program." 

Michael Guma, D.O., F.A.C.R., F.A.C.P. '11

"This program course has enabled me to take a critical look at my teaching style. It has helped me to improve my skills as an educator. It has helped me to focus on what is most important for my learners and become more efficient with the time I spend teaching." 

Steven T. Fosmire, D.O. '11

"I enjoy the accessibility of the professors, the flexibility of the online courses for MMEL, and the fact these courses are helping to enhance my clinical education as an Osteopathic medical student." 

Carol Bernier '11

"I love the online interactions with people from all over the place (one woman in my cohort is from PR). I hope to someday get to meet the authors of so many poignant ideas that are posted throughout a course. The people in this program are an inspiration to me and a constant reminder of what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it. It is a lot of fun and a lot of work, but worth it. I am learning a lot." 

Amina Sadik, Ph.D., '11

"As a consequence of being a student in this program, I have three presentations scheduled just for 2010 in different national and international conferences." 

Maria Martin '11

"I love the fact that I can continue with my medical school curriculum and still obtain my master's in Medical Education online. I love that the program is a serious and comprehensive program even though it is online." 

Amy S. Hubert, M.D. '11

"Curriculum development was an extremely useful course because I created an entire year of intern training for our hospital. Leadership Development was a fascinating course and the reading assignments gave me a fresh outlook on teaching, learning and life."