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Online Organic Chemistry I

Online Distance Organic Chemistry I is designed to meet the organic chemistry prerequisite for students who are applying for admission to health profession programs. Most students will have an undergraduate degree and will be in the process of a career change. The course is a one semester course with a virtual laboratory that emphasizes those aspects of organic chemistry that are relevant to the study of human health and metabolism. Whenever possible, correlations to medicine, health and disease will be made.

To give the student interested in the health professions an introduction to organic chemistry emphasizing the concepts that will be important for and provide the basis for the subjects the student will encounter in his professional studies. These subjects include biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and pharmacology.

The course is designed to take lecture and lab concurrently for four credits. However, you have the option to take lecture only (three credits) or lab only (one credit). You need to specify during registration that you want to take lab only or lecture only, otherwise it will be assumed that you want to take both.

The typical student will complete the course in approximately 16 weeks. Students may enroll at any time.  Many students are nontraditional students who have elected an on-line course for it's flexibility.  Therefore, students may complete the course in less than 16 weeks. 

Prerequisite(s): One year of General Chemistry (must have been successfully completed within the past 7 years).

Tuition & Fees
Credits:   4
Tuition:   $1200
Registration:   $25
Total:   $1225

The cost of the materials are not included in this total


Dr. David Manyan

Exam Procedure
  1. Online Proctoring Center
    For instruction on how to take your exams online, visit Online Learning's ProctorU site.
  2. Written Proctored Exam
    Students may take the exam at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine's Campus. Please contact us for information at For a detailed Exam Policy please see course syllabus.