Brand Identity, Logos, Templates

The University of New England has unveiled a new institutional logo and launched a brand campaign that is the foundation for all University communications.  UNE’s new tagline, “Connections. For Life.” establishes UNE as the place where students discover and establish connections – academic, professional and personal – that shape the rest of their lives. 

The Office of Communications aims to leverage the strengths of the UNE brand and ensure it is consistently integrated throughout all University messages and materials, including: 

  • University communications – University of New England Magazine, newsletters (electronic and print)
  • Website
  • Advertising, flyers
  • Enrollment communications
  • Institutional Advancement materials
  • Speeches, events, seminars, conferences
  • Distance learning modules

The Office of Communications will work with all areas of the University to help achieve specific objectives while maintaining UNE brand consistency. 

UNE’s new brand identity guidelines ensure that communications across all UNE Colleges, departments and disciplines will project a consistent look, feel and message. All university communications must adhere to the guidelines set forth in this manual.  

If you have any questions about how the guidelines apply to your specific area or project, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Communications for assistance.