External Sites & Tools

The University of New England Website vs. External Publishing Sites and Tools


Microsoft and Google offer a variety of publishing tools for site and newsletter creation, including Google Sites and other Google applications, publishing tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Sway and others, can be useful tools when used appropriately. However, they should not be used as a replacement for the University of New England website at www.une.edu.

The University of New England Brand

The University of New England website presents a branded image of the University to the general public and to prospective students and the greater community as well as to our own students, faculty and staff. The Brand has been established to support quality imagery, logo treatment, colors and a professional sense of place. It is important that the brand be upheld.

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The following guidelines should be used when deciding when a tool or application might be appropriate or inappropriate for use.

The University of New England Website:

  1. In general, information that may be of interest to the general public and to prospective students should be posted on the University of New England’s website at www.une.edu
  2. In determining whether something belongs on an External Publishing Tool or application, ask the questions:
    1. Is this information that prospective students might be interested in and that might possibly influence their decisions to attend UNE. If so, this should be on the UNE website.
    2. Is this information that enhances the reputation of the University and that might influence the attitude of the general public, funding agencies, job applicants etc. If so, this should be on the UNE website.

External Publishing Tools:

  1. External Publishing Tools may be appropriate for personal faculty and staff websites.
  2. External Publishing Tools are appropriate for information that the general public should not have access to and that needs to be password protected.
  3. External Publishing Tools would be appropriate for class syllabi, assignments, discussions etc. A Google site might be appropriate as a forum for a student club, etc.
  4. When in doubt, check with the Office of Communications.


  1. The Citizenship 400 Seminar is an important part of the Core Curriculum. General information about the course, its goals, the types of community services available etc., are all the types of information that might influence a decision by a prospective student and that might enhance the image of the University in the eyes of a visitor of the general public visiting the website. This material should obviously be on the UNE website.
  2. However, the course syllabus, assignments, due dates, etc., for a particular Citizenship 400 class is the type of information that students enrolled in the course would need, but that might not be appropriate to the general public. This material would be appropriate to an External Publishing Tool or other application.