In Vitro Drug Screening Core

Core Mission

The In Vitro Drug Screening Core is part of a program at UNE designed to move therapeutic drugs from initial conception to clinical testing. In conjunction with the College of Pharmacy and the UNE Behavioral Core, this program offers expertise and services in the following areas in order to accomplish the following goals:

  • Medicinal chemistry to produce novel lead molecules that can be refined and optimized to become drug candidates.
  • In vitro drug screening to quickly and efficiently find and characterize the most promising of these candidates.
  • In vitro behavioral testing of the best candidate drugs to establish their preclinical effectiveness and side effect profiles.
  • Pharmacokinetics and formulation expertise as part of the final steps prior to initiating a clinical development plan.

Core Services

  • Consultation or direct service in all aspects of target selection, cell line/model creation, assay and experimental design.
  • A flexible service model that allows for investigation of most receptor targets.
  • Medium throughput drug screening in cells or animal tissues.
  • Consultation or direct service in all aspects of statistical data analysis and interpretation.

Please see the In Vitro Drug Screening Core brochure for more information regarding services and equipment.