Gene Expression Studies: Quantitative real-time PCR of single targets as well as array-based assays for pathway analysis. Silencing RNA (siRNA) technologies for specific gene silencing.

Genotyping: Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), multilocus fingerprinting (AFLPs), restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) and microsatellite development.

Next-gen DNA Sequencing: Genome sequencing, RNA sequencing and Metagenomic analyses.


The genomics facility has all the necessary equipment for the isolation, characterization, genotyping and cloning of DNA/cDNA(mRNA) including microcentrifuges, gel documentation system,  heat blocks, refrigerators, freezers and gel electrophoresis equipment.

The laboratory has two PCR thermocyclers; one thermocycler has a gradient block capable of holding a variety of microcentrifuge tubes including 96-well plates. The second is a BioRad CFX96 Real-time PCR system for gene expression studies and high-throughput genotyping. The CFX96 has a 96-well block and is capable of multiplexing up to 4 assays/sample plus reference. For DNA/RNA/protein quantification the lab has a NanoVue Plus spectrophotometer and a BioRad Experion Bioanalyzer.

For gene expression studies the laboratory offers hybridization ovens, shaking incubators, water baths, a refrigerator and centrifuge. For DNA sequencing and RNA sequencing, the lab has a Roche 454 GS Junior capable of 80-100,000 reads per run with an average read length of 350–400 bases.