Proteomics: Protein identification; discovery and characterization of post-translational modifications; quantitative proteomics; integration of proteomic and nucleic acid data (e.g., proteogenomic mapping); qualitative (e.g., Western Blot) and quantitative ( e.g., ELISA) comparison of the protein complements of different tissues/stages/organisms.

Screening and Testing: Cell cultures, serum, media and media-related products tested for their quality, efficacy and usefulness in research. Testing services include endotoxin, mycoplasma and sterility tests.

Cell Banking:  Extensive on-campus cryogenic (ℓN 2) cell bank for the convenience of research investigators. Researchers can choose to store cells with us; we manage the inventory and provenance.

Tissue Culture Service and Consultation: Highly trained staff who draw on years of experience, providing advice and service; also manage highly difficult primary cell lines, hybridomas for monoclonal antibody production, isolation of cells from tissue biopsy samples, and cloning of cell lines from mixed populations.

Assays / Assay Development:  Equipped to develop important or useful new techniques on a need-to basis, e.g., rapid protease micro-array for unstable formulations.


Facility is equipped with laminar flow hood, fume hoods, coulter counter, independent free standing incubators for handling infectious, radioactive and nonradioactive treatments, dedicated autoclave, cryopreservation storage facility, gel imaging station, inverted and fluorescent microscopes, spectrofluorometer, spectrophotometer, ELISA micro-titer plate readers, centrifuges, micro-fluidizer, homogenizers, transducers and electrophysiology equipment.