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Faculty & Staff Profile
Pickus Center 220
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Linda Biagini, HT-HTL (ASCP)
COBRE HIstology and Imaging Core Manager


Linda Biagini brings to the COBRE Histology and Imaging Core a wealth of technical expertise and experience in core management.  In addition to her undergraduate work at University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) and Monmouth University (Long Branch, NJ), Linda has received Histologist and Histotechnologist certifications from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP).  She is a member of the ASCP and was a charter member of the National Society for Histotechnology as well as president of the New York Histotechnological Society.  Linda began her career as Supervisor of Histopathology at the University of Rochester Medical Center in 1986.  She then went on to hold similar positions at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Brunswick, NJ and the Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ.  In 1989, Linda became the Supervisor of Histology and Necropsy in the Department of Toxicology and Pathology at Hoffmann-LaRoche, Incorporated.  From here, Linda served as Histology Manager at the New Jersey University Hospital and then at PathLab, Inc. in Portsmouth, NH.  In 1998 she joined the Anatomic Pathology Department at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital where she supervised over twenty full and part time staff members and oversaw the processing of more than 55,000 in-house surgical cases each year.  In 2004 Linda became manager of the Tissue Microarray Core, a joint venture between Brigham and Woman’s and Dana Farber.  Under her supervision, the core grew three-fold and produced some of the highest quality tissue microarrays in the country.  The work produced from this core represented an important technical advancement that contributed to research and drug discovery in breast cancer, prostate cancer, malignant melanoma, ovarian cancer and renal cell carcinoma.  From here, Linda continued in the drug discovery arena, becoming manager of the Comparative Pathology Laboratory at Biogen Idec Pharmaceuticals in 2006.  Here she worked in fields ranging from oncology, immunology, neurology, fibrosis and toxicology to provide histology services for testing compounds, antibodies, and molecular processes through to the preclinical stage.  In 2010, Linda joined Constellation Pharmaceuticals, a small startup in Cambridge, MA.  Here she served as an Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Specialist and was in charge of setting up the IHC lab in pharmacology for the company.  Linda came to UNE in October, 2012 and has been instrumental in establishing the COBRE Histology and Imaging Core.


Histologic Techniques, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunofluorescence, Light Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscopy, High Content Microscopy (HCM), ImageXpress, Image Analysis and Quantitation, Cell-Based Assays, Tissue Culture

Board Certifications/Licenses

HT (ASCP) Histologist Certification No. 01001

HTL (ASCP) Histotechnologist Certification No. 00257

Research and Scholarship

Selected Publications

Professional Presentations

Pennwalt Pharmaceutical Corporation

Rochester, NY - Eight Part Lecture Series: Histology Theory, Basic Histology and Special Stains

New York Histotechnological Society Conferences

Lake George, NY - Histology Created Artifacts

Albany, NY - Advanced Histopathologic Techniques Using Glycomethacrylate (workshop)

Buffalo, NY - Practical Histopathologic Techniques for Processing Tissue (workshop)

Middletown, NY - Applied Histopathologic Techniques

Albany, NY - Cervical Biopsy Embedding Techniques

C.W. Post, NY - Bone Marrow Stains for Histopathology

National Society for Histotechnology Regional Conferences

Morgantown, W. VA - Toxoplasma: a Case Presentation (lecture)

Albany, NY - Basic Histologic Techniques (workshop)

Hartford, CT - Biohazards in the Surgical Pathology Trim Room

Springfield, MA - Practical Techniques Used in Tissue Processing

American Society of Medical Technologists, Empire State Association

Syracuse, NY - Tissue Embedding and Processing: Theory and Techniques

National Society for Histotechnology

Louisville, KY - Histotechniques, You Make the Difference (full day workshop)

Other Selected Scholarly Activities

President of New York Histotechnological Society
Member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists
Charter Member of the National Society for Histotehnology
Charter Member of the New York Histotechnological Society
Charter Member Board of Directors of the New York Histotechnological Society