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Financial Aid

Costs for Undergraduate Students Living On-Campus

Listed below are the costs for the 2013/2014 academic year.  The cost information for the 2014/2015 academic year is not available at this time.  Direct costs are charges that will show up on the student's bill.

Direct Costs (annual amounts)
$31,980  Full Time Tuition*
$13,000  Room and Board (traditional double room)**
$1,165  General Service Fee (Biddeford Campus)
$46,145  Total

*Tuition for full-time students covers a course load from 12-18 hours per semester. A course load in excess of 18 hours requires prior academic approval and will be subject to an overload charge of $1,130 per credit hour.
Part-time students are charged $1,130 per credit hour.

**The Room and Board rate listed above is for the traditional double room dorms (double occupancy). Returning students should base the room and board rate on the cost of the dorm they will be living in, as follows:

Traditional Residence Halls
(Assisi, Avila, Frederick, Padua and Siena Halls)
Semester Rate Yearly Rate
Double-Occupancy Room
$6,500 $13,000
Triple-Occupancy Room
$5,860 $11,720
Track-Style Residence Hall (Featherman Hall)    
Triple-Occupancy Room
$6,150 $12,300
Suite-Style Residence Halls (Champlain, East, Sokokis and West Halls)    
Champlain and Sokokis Hall Double-Occupancy Room
$7,130 $14,260
East, Sokokis, and West Halls
$7,465 $14,930

Do you have specific questions about living on campus? Please visit the Office of Residential Education and Housing for more information.

Health Insurance for the student is $1,487 for the 2013/2014 academic year. Students are required to enroll in UNE's Student Medical Insurance Plan unless proof of comparable insurance can be demonstrated.

Additional lab fees are charged to students who enroll in laboratory, computer, student teaching, or other designated courses. The fee is listed in the official course schedule published at the time of registration.

Books and Supplies
The costs will vary depending on the courses the student is taking. The Financial Aid Office uses a $1,400 standard allowance for student budget purposes. The student's actual expenses may vary.

Indirect Costs
Indirect costs are included in the student's financial aid budget. These are not direct charges from the university, but allowances that are given to cover expenses that the student may have while attending school:
$1,350  Transportation/Travel costs
$1,400  Personal/Misc. costs