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Financial Aid

External Scholarship Opportunities

Because millions of dollars of scholarship opportunities go unclaimed, we strongly urge you to diligently research available scholarships and to take advantage of as many as you can. Great resources for finding scholarships include guidance counselors, parents’ employers, local organizations and banks. The following sites contain scholarship information and effective search tools that can help you identify scholarships for which you may qualify: Fastweb, and Big Future by The College Board. It is as important to consider and apply for small scholarship opportunities as it is the larger ones. The smaller awards are more plentiful, and lots of them can add up to the larger, less available, scholarships!

Scholarship Search through FAME
FAME (Finance Authority of Maine) offers listings of scholarships that may be available to you. Basic eligibility information as well as scholarship amounts, eligibility, and application process are provided in each listing. If you have questions about any particular scholarship, please write directly to the scholarship sponsor at the address listed under "Application Process."

Scholarship tips and information page
This site includes links to free scholarship search engines as well as tips on applying for private scholarships.