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Global Affairs
Message from Anouar Majid, Vice President for Global Affairs.
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UNE building campus in Tangier, Morocco

UNE is building a campus in Tangier, Morocco for its students. The new campus will be located within walking distance to downtown Tangier and the Mediterranean sea. At no additional cost, UNE students may choose to spend a semester or year in UNE's Tangier campus and learn about the various cultures and languages while taking their college courses in English.
Message from Anouar Majid, Vice President for Global Affairs
Message from Anouar Majid, Vice President for
Global Affairs


The University of New England campus in Tangier reflects the ideals of our institution. It will allow our students to sign up for their regular curriculum while discovering and experiencing the culture of Morocco and the city of Tangier. UNE Tangier will be a monument, however modest, to our strong belief that education and culture can and should play a major role in improving international relations and creating a better world for all.



The University of New England campus in Tangier, housed in the leafy campus of the American School of Tangier, the oldest American school in Morocco, is within easy access to downtown, the main beach, and the major cultural activities the city has to offer. Spain is a mere 40 minutes away by high-speed ferry and a short bus ride after that to our program in Seville. Students will also have access to fabulous Moroccan cities like Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakesh, as well as to the natural wonders of the Atlas mountains and the desert.


The campus will consist of two buildings—one for academic programming and the other for student and staff housing—both located in a beautifully lansdcaped environment. Food and beverages will be available in an elegant cafe. Our buildings reflect Morocco’s famous traditional architecture and are designed to meet the high modern standards of similar educational facilities. Students will also have access to the swimming pool and basketball courts of the American School of Tangier.



As they take courses in the sciences, humanities, and languages, our students will have the option of living on campus or with host families, travel to other parts of Morocco, connect with our program in Spain, and explore other European countries and cities.

UNE Tangier plans on providing access to select local students to some of its courses and facilities and provide free access to the local community to the lectures sponsored by the Center for Global Humanities in our state-of-the-art auditorium. We will explore common projects, faculty exchanges, and research collaborations with the faculty and students of the University Abdelmalek Essaadi, as well as with other colleges in Tangier and Morocco. UNE is also committed to making its library resources available for free to qualified Moroccan scholars.

Why Tangier?

There is no better place for UNE to be than in the Moroccan city of Tangier. With its diverse geography, Morocco is a well-known crossroads of civilizations and languages. The main cultures of the Mediterranean basin, from the Phoenician to the Muslim, the Arab and the Berber, the European and the African have mingled in Morocco to create a colorful and rich society, famous for its world-class cuisine, legendary hospitality, and beautiful architecture. A stable and mature nation—the first in the world to recognize the newly formed United States—Morocco offers one of the most optimal settings for exploring some of the major problems facing the world today, such as water scarcity, the future of energy, immigration, and relations between the Muslim world and the West.

We chose to start in Tangier because the city is the historic gateway to the country. It has always been home to an international contingent of painters and writers and is now rising from decades of neglect to be one of the major economic and cultural hubs of the region. The United States has a long history in Tangier, almost as old as the history of the American Republic. It boasts the first building listed on the National Register of Historic Places not located on US soil and the first and oldest American school in Morocco. By establishing a presence in  Tangier, UNE expects to add a new chapter to this long history of American-Moroccan relations and cooperation.


The University of New England’s agreement with the American School of Tangier will be for a renewable 99-year period. Select AST students may have access to UNE courses and all members of the AST community are welcome to attend our public lectures. AST, meanwhile, is kindly allowing UNE personnel to use some of its sports facilities.


In January 2013, UNE signed a contract with TGCC, a major construction company, and work started right away. UNE's two buildings—academic and residence hall—will be located inside a 1.5 hectare perimeter (approximately 3.7 acres) inside the grounds of the American School of Tangier. The buildings themselves will take up some 3,700 square meters (39,827 square feet) of built surface. It rains in Tangier during the winter, hence the puddles and mud. The building project is expected to be completed in time for Spring 2014.