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Two Libraries

ketchum library exterior

Jack S. Ketchum Library
11 Hills Beach Road
Biddeford, ME 04005
(207) 602-3000

abplanalp library exterior

Josephine S. Abplanalp Library
716 Stevens Ave.
Portland, ME 04103
(207) 602-3000


Main Phone Number: (207) 602-3000

Information, comments or renewals:

  • Ketchum Library, Biddeford Campus: (207) 602-2361
  • Abplanalp Library, Portland Campus: (207) 221-4330

Reference questions:

Directions to each campus

Directions to the libraries (once on campus):

  • Ketchum Library (Biddeford): From Rte. 9/208, turn left onto Hills Beach Road. After the Welcome Cottage, the library is between and slightly behind the next two buildings on the left (Decary and Stella Maris). See the parking map for parking directions.
  • Abplanalp Library (Portland): From Stevens Ave., turn onto College Street (on left, coming from the South, on right from the North). College Street ends in a left/right fork – turn left to end up behind the library. You'll find a staircase and ramp in the back parking lot. See the parking map for parking directions.

Are you a current UNE student interested in working at the library?

Please contact the Circulation Coordinator at your campus library regarding possible employment opportunities:
Biddeford Campus, Richard Mathiasen: (207) 602-2364
Portland Campus, Laurie Mathes: (207) 221-4326