Frequently Asked Questions

What are course reserves?

UNE faculty place course-related materials on reserve to supplement required course readings or activities. Reserve items are identified as Biddeford Campus Reserve or Portland Campus Reserve and can be searched by course name or professor's name. Reserves can be checked out for two hours but must not leave the library. 

What is "Library Use Only"?

Some library materials, including course reserves, journals, reference books, and special collections, can be used only in the UNE Libraries to protect their physical condition or ensure equitable access. 

How do I find out if the UNE Libraries own a certain book, DVD or video ?

Search a particular item by title or author in the Library Catalog. If we have the item, the title, location, call number, and availability will appear. Searching the title "DVDs" in the Library Catalog will result in a list of all of the library's DVDs. Searching the title "videos" will result in a list of all of our videos. If we do not have an item, you can search MaineCat or request the item through Interlibrary Loan

How do I find out if a particular journal is available at the UNE libraries and /or available online in full-text?

Search a specific journal title (not the title of the article) on the Journals page to see if we have access online or in print. Look carefully at the dates of availability. For online journals, follow a link that includes the date you need. For a detailed description of this process, see How to Find a Specific Journal Article or watch the tutorial

Questions? Ask a librarian.

I need to find journal articles on a specific topic. How can I do this?

Using our Subject Guides, click on the subject which best describes your need. Each guide includes a list of databases holding resources specific to that subject, including journal articles. If you are working on a general academic topic or are an inexperienced searcher, you may wish to start with ProQuest Central or Academic Search Complete. 

Are there mobile apps available for Library databases?

A number of databases available through UNE Library Services offer mobile apps. More information about mobile apps for clinical use is available here. 

Where are the APA, AMA, MLA, CSE and other style formats located?

Both UNE campus libraries have manuals designed to assist you in composing research papers in a particular style. These include style manuals for APA, AMA, MLA, CSE, and more.

The UNE Library Services web site also has links to citation guide-related web sites that you may find useful. These links can be found using the "Get Help" tab, under Writing the Paper

Questions? Ask a librarian.

What are electronic journals, and how do I access them?

We provide access to full-text electronic journals. If you know the specific journal that you need, search its title on the Journals page. Off-campus access to our electronic journals is available only to members of the UNE community.

Electronic journal articles on specific topics may be found by using our Subject Guides and  databases

To find a specific article when you already have a citation, enter all or part of the citation into the search box on UNE Library homepage. If the article is not in the first page of results, follow the instructions in the tutorial Finding A Specific Journal Article. This and other tutorials can be found using the "Get Help" tab under Tutorials.

If you come across an article from an unfamiliar ejournal, and want to assess the quality of the journal, use the worksheet Evaluate an eJournal.

I need HELP! Who can I ask?

Please feel free to contact us. Ask a librarian