Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative

In partnership with the Maine Harvard Prevention Research Center and the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Maine Center for Public Health (MCPH) has established a Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative to improve care and outcomes for overweight and obese youth. The MCPH will bring together clinical experts, primary care practices, and community partners to develop local expertise and shared goals among clinical practice teams in order to improve management of and decrease youth overweight within the state. Based on the need to address the challenge of youth overweight, and the success of the Collaborative model, for the first time we are applying this model to the problem of youth overweight in Maine. 

Using the framework of the Chronic Care Model, the Collaborative aims to achieve its goals through better-informed and activated patients along with better prepared practice teams. Efforts will be made to engage practices caring for high numbers of uninsured and/or underserved children, including those serving high numbers of MaineCare enrollees. Process of care measures will include effectiveness of measuring BMI within the practice and conducting assessments of obesity co-morbidities. 

An important focus will be the success of the practice team in patient self-management goal setting, and addressing behavioral outcomes by the provider teams. A Senior Advisory Community with specific Collaborative roles and responsibilities was formed over the summer to help develop and refine the clinical and patient support Keep Me Healthy Tool Kit. The Steering Committee is also responsible to develop the “Key Areas for Change” and Core Measures for the Collaborative.