Cranston General Hospital collection

Collection Number:  0001
Collection Title:  Cranston General Hospital collection
Inclusive Dates:  1933-1995 
Extent:  3.5 linear feet, 1 records carton, 2 document cases, 3 oversize boxes

Bio/Org History:  Cranston General Hospital was established in 1933 as the Ostepathic Hospital of Rhode Island. Twelve osteopaths pooled their resources to purchase a mansion on Broad St. in Cranston, Rhode Island. The original hospital had 6 physicians, 12 nurses and 18 patient beds. The hospital grew steadily through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s adding new wings in 1954, 1961, 1963, 1967 and 1979.  In 1947, the hospital became Osteopathic General Hospital, and in 1971, the Cranston General Hospital. The hospital closed September 20, 1993 due to bankruptcy.

Scope/Content:  The Cranston General Hospital collection consists of 15 series. The Joan Abar collection contains records collected by Dr. Joan Abar and added to the Cranston General Hospital when donated to NEOHC, and primarily includes newspaper clippings, photographs and records relating to the hospital chapel. The largest series in the Cranston General Hospital collection are newspaper clippings, photographs and administrative records. A large portion of the records in the collection relate to fundraising and expansion efforts throughout the existence of the hospital.

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Lowell M. Hardy, D.O. collection

Collection Number:  0002
Collection Title:  Lowell M. Hardy, D.O. collection
Inclusive Dates:  1930-1986
Extent:  .75 linear feet

Bio/Org History:  Lowell M. Hardy D.O. was born July 20, 1912 in Portland, Maine. He received his degree from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1934 and completed his internship at Massachusetts Osteopathic Hospital in 1935.  After completing his internship, Dr. Hardy returned to Portland, Maine where he practiced from 1935-1979.  Dr. Hardy was on staff at at the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine from 1936-1979 and at the Portland City Hospital from1975-1979.  He was very active in professional organizations including serving as President of the Maine Osteopathic Association. He was also very active in the community, belonging to several fraternal organizations. In 1979, Dr. Hardy moved to Hampton Falls, N.H.

Scope/Content:  The Lowell M. Hardy D.O. collection contains records dated from 1930-1986, the earliest being a photograph of the 1930 Deering High School band. The records primarily document Dr. Hardy's professional life including his education, postgraduate training, membership in professional organizations, and professional writing on topics ranging from the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine (OHM) to specific medical treatments. Also included are some records pertaining to Dr. Hardy's personal life including photographs, correspondence and records from fraternal organizations. The photographs series includes prints documenting OHM, medical practices of the time and social engagements.

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COM Office of Alumni Relations records

Collection Title:  COM Office of Alumni Relations records
Inclusive Dates:  1986-2004
Extent:  .5 linear feet

COM Dean's Office, Dean Rodos records

Collection Title:  COM Dean's Office, Dean Rodos records
Inclusive Dates:  1970-1993
Extent:  6 linear feet

Bio/Org History:  This collection is a resource which establishes the chronology, significant events and contributors to the founding of the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, aka NECOM and UNECOM, opening for its first class in 1978.  From its earliest meetings, the New England Foundation of Osteopathic Medicine (NEFOM), comprised of physicians concerned for the future of the profession in New England, focused its mission on establishing a regional osteopathic teaching college.  NEFOM's efforts resulted in establishing the University of New England by merging St. Francis College of Biddeford, Maine with NECOM,  thus dissolving the St. Francis College identity.  Under the scrutiny and guidance of the American Osteopathic Association's accreditation arm, COM worked through self-studies, site visits and evaluations.  Additional materials in this collection document Area Health Education Center (AHEC) grants and AACOM activity between 1982 and 1993. The papers in this collection were transferred to NEOHC from the COM Dean's Office by J. J. Rodos, D.O. and Denise Cross in 2003; processing was finalized in the fall of 2007. The folders retain their original titles and organization.             

COM Dept. of Family Medicine records

Collection Title:  COM Dept. of Family Medicine records
Inclusive Dates:  undated
Extent:  1 linear foot

Gene Yonuschot, Ph.D. papers

Collection Title:  Gene Yonuschot, Ph.D. papers
Inclusive Dates:  1977-2006
Extent:  1 linear foot

COM Medical Humanities Department, Honors and Awards

Collection Title:  COM Medical Humanities Department, Honors and Awards
Inclusive Dates:  1993-1998
Extent:  .5 linear feet
Bio/Org History:  Materials in this collection were donated by Dr. Martyn Richardson, UNECOM Dean, 1983-1985.

COM Stella Maris collection

Collection Title:  COM Stella Maris collection
Inclusive Dates:  undated
Extent:  5 linear feet
Scope/Content:  This is an artificial collection consisting of medical artifacts and memorabilia from exhibit cases in Stella Maris; framed items and plaques hung or discarded in various building rooms; and generally discarded material stored in the building.

COM Dean's Office, Dean Shannon, D.O., M.P.H. papers

Collection Title:  COM Dean's Office, Dean Shannon, D.O., M.P.H. papers
Inclusive Dates:  1970-2002
Extent:  3 linear feet

William L. Strong, D.O. papers

Collection Title:  William L. Strong, D.O. papers
Inclusive Dates:  1904-1986
Extent:  .25 linear feet
Scope/Content:  The majority of the material in this collection consists of photos of Dr. Strong and diplomas, licenses, citations and awards in his name.  There is one document which he co-authored with three other D.O.s in 1963.

Stanley W. Kimball, D.O. collection

Collection Title:  Stanley W. Kimball, D.O. collection
Inclusive Dates:  1906-1980
Extent:  3 linear feet
Bio/Org History:  Dr. Stanley W. Kimball was born in 1917 in Grafton, New Hampshire, later earning his degree in osteopathic medicine from the Chicago College of Osteopathy in 1943.  He practiced in the Cleveland, OH area, locating there in 1954, and retired in 1995.   His aunt, Anna Tinkham, D.O. practiced in Waltham, MA.
Scope/Content:  This is an artificial collection consisting of materials gathered by Dr. Kimball from osteopathic physicians including relatives, his professional contacts, and his own professional subscriptions and library.  It contains a sampling of books, periodicals, ephemera and manuscript material, in addition to some images, mostly on postcards.

Maine Osteopathic Association records

Collection Title:  Maine Osteopathic Association records
Inclusive Dates:  1910-2004
Extent:  10 linear feet
Scope/Content:  This collection is on permanent loan from the Maine Osteopathic Association to the New England Osteopathic Heritage Center, arriving in 2004.  It contains the earliest meeting records in 1912 as osteopaths were beginning their legislative battles for recognition and licensure in the State of Maine, through 2004 as the profession was recognizing MOA's one hundred years of service.

New England Osteopathic Association

Collection Title:  NEOA  New England Osteopathic Association
Inclusive Dates:  1990-2001
Extent:  3 file folders
Bio/Org History:  The NEOA /New England Osteopathic Association's original mission was to provide CME opportunities for osteopathic physicians and to raise funds for medical education for students. In recent years, NEOA has been managed by UNECOM's Office of Continuing Education.
Scope/Content:  Material included in this collection are correspondence, bylaws, program brochures and newsletters.

Osteopathic Hospital of Maine Alumni Group collection

Collection Title:  Osteopathic Hospital of Maine Alumni Group collection
Inclusive Dates:  1950s - 2001
Extent:  3 linear feet
Scope/Content:  This collection consists of albums of numerous snapshots of the group's hospital-related social events, a small amount of ephemera, artifacts, plaques and the group's newsletter which continues to be published.

Papers/Published Papers

Collection Title:  Papers/Published Papers
Inclusive Dates:  1976-2005
Extent:  .5 linear feet
Bio/Org History:  Collection of various papers relating to osteopathic medicine.
Scope/Content:  The collection is arranged alphabetically.

UNE Ketchum Library collection

Collection Title:  UNE Ketchum Library collection
Inclusive Dates:  1900-1996
Extent:  3 linear feet      
Scope/Content:  This collection is the result of both deliberate preservation and unintentional salvaging of materials focused around osteopathic medicine.  Much of the material has been weeded from the Ketchum Library itself as those materials become electronically available (e.g. print journal copies). Other items have been set aside by the head of the Library's Technical Services Director (e.g. medical ephemera), and finally there have been deliberate gifts of osteopathic-related scrapbooks, artifacts, images and books.

William E. Wyatt, D.O. papers

Collection Title:  William E. Wyatt, D.O. papers
Inclusive Dates:  1956-2002
Extent:  3 linear feet
Bio/Org History:  William Wyatt, D.O. was born in 1927.  After serving in the Navy during WW II, he earned  his B.A. and went on to graduate from Kirksville College of Osteopathy in 1954. His affiliation with the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine began in 1955 where he continued to work in various capacities through the 1990s, including establishing a Pain Board.  In 1975 Dr. Wyatt recognized and developed his specialty in neuro-musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment. Throughout his professional career, Dr. Wyatt lectured and instructed nationally and internationally and was a member of numerous groups, including the American Academy of Osteopathy.  He was also affiliated with the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine since its inception and was chairman of UNECOM's Department of Osteopathic Principles and Practices.  
Scope/Content:  The collection consists largely of paper documents which include osteopathic organizational documents from Dr. Wyatt's contributions to such institutions as the American Academy of Osteopathy, the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine, and the  University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine; biographical material including his professional papers; and his extensive collection of professional resources such as journal articles and imprints.

Waterville Osteopathic Hospital collection

Collection Title:  Waterville Osteopathic Hospital collection
Inclusive Dates:  1959 - 1990s
Extent:  1 linear foot
Scope/Content:  This collection includes color photocopies of newspaper articles, histories, promotional newspaper inserts and the chronology of the Waterville Osteopathic Hospital, now called Inland Hospital.  Also listing of staff D.O.s affiliated with Waterville Osteopathic Hospital provided by Dr. Amalfitano.