One-Day Kayak

This program takes place prior to the Traditional Campus-Based Orientation session, and ends in time for you to participate in it fully.  

$30 additional cost

Are you interested in kayaking down the Saco River near UNE while meeting other new students? If so, check out our Trailblazer One-Day Kayak program. This is an entry-level kayak trip down the Saco River near campus. You undergo safety training in the pool, which teaches kayak safety along with paddling techniques. After the training, you have the opportunity to participate in team building exercises with your peers and the Trailblazer Guides. The next morning, after breakfast, you are picked-up on campus and boated over to Bare Knee Point Kayaks at Camp Ellis. There, you are outfitted transported by motorboat up the Saco River with Captain Carl Lagerstrom as he describes the history of the river. You are then be dropped off in view of downtown Biddeford where you ride the kayak with the outgoing tide back to campus. Lunch is provided at the Marble Head Boat Launch. You should be comfortable around water but no previous kayaking experience is necessary. You follow the tide down the Saco River, keeping a leisurely pace. Throughout the entire trip, trained Trailblazer Guides as well as professional staff are present.

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