CEN Director Ed Bilsky publishes a book chapter in Methods of Enzymology

December 20, 2010

Professor Ed Bilsky (COM) and long time collaborator Dr. Richard Rothman, a senior investigator at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, recently published a review article on constitutive activity of the mu opioid receptor. The paper discusses the role of mu opioid receptors in response to agonists, inverse agonists and neutral antagonists and the methods that are used to detect constitutive activity. Co-authors of the chapter include CAS alum Denise Giuvelis (2007) and CHP Nurse Anesthesia alum Melissa Osborn (2009).

Citation: Bilsky EJ, Giuvelis D, Osborn MD, Dersch CM, Xu H, Rothman RB. In vitro and in vivo assessment of mu opioid receptor constitutive activity. Methods Enzymol. 2010;484:413-43.

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