James Sulikowski's sturgeon research to air on 'Ocean Mysteries' Jan. 26th

January 22, 2013

UNE's Associate Professor James Sulikowski's sturgeon research is featured in the upcoming TV program "Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin," scheduled to air this Saturday, January 26th on ABC. Titled "Gone Fishin'," the episode aims "to unravel the mysteries of this colossal ancient fish...the Atlantic Sturgeon."   

Corwin and his 9-year-old daughter Maya traveled to Maine last October and boarded the UNE research vessel to observe the research Dr. Sulikowski and his team is conducting to conserve this endangered prehistoric species. They learned about the resurgence of the sturgeon in the Saco River and how UNE researchers obtain and measure their important data.

The episode is scheduled to air this Saturday at 9:30 a.m.  For more info, check your local listings or visit the Ocean Mysteries website.

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