Students attend launch party to honor 15th issue of ‘Zephyr’

April 29, 2014

Students gathered on April 28, 2014, for the first-ever launch party, which was held in honor of the 15th issue of the publication Zephyr: UNE’s Journal of Artistic Expression.

The party began with a talk by UK-based artist/art historian Steve Baker, whose works are to be featured this year in major international exhibitions in the U.K., Poland, and Germany.  His latest book Artist|Animal (Minnesota 2013) has been emphatically praised for his provocative exploration of the work of contemporary artists who engage with questions of animal life, treating animals not for their aesthetic qualities or as symbols of the human condition but rather as beings who actively share the world with humanity.

In attendance were the current, out-going editor-in-chief of Zephyr, Katie Labbe (’14), a political science major with a minor in women’s and gender studies, and the editor-in-chief-elect, Sarah Fleischmann, who is double majoring in animal behavior and environmental science.

Susan McHugh, Ph.D., serves as faculty advisor for Zephyr.

Groups audience: