Edilia Marshall explains dental treatment as key component of overall health care in 'Journal Tribune' article

Edilia Marshall
Edilia Marshall

April 14, 2017

Edilia Marshall, D.M.D., MAGD, AAACD, assistant professor in the College of Dental Medicine, wrote an article about the importance of preventive dental care that appeared in the most recent issue of Health & Wellness, a monthly publication by the Journal Tribune.

“Put your money where your mouth is: Invest in your dental health” discussed the value of proper dental care to overall health. Marshall explained that the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease “has been linked with pancreatic cancer, heart disease, stroke, low birth-weight babies and a rejection of artificial joints” and noted correlations between poor dental health and diabetes as well. “Dental care is not just about tooth whitening or tooth straightening. It restores the mouth to optimum health, thereby creating beautiful, natural looking smiles while also serving as a vital component of total body wellness,” she stated.

She urged readers to invest in preventive dental care and early treatments in order to ward off expensive and inconvenient procedures. She also offered hope to those who have already started down the slope of periodontal disease. “Recent research has shown… that when periodontal disease is discovered and treated in the early stages,” she stated, “it can be stopped, and some of the lost bone may grow back.”

“Excellent dental care is one of the best values available to the consumer today,” Marshall wrote. “An investment in high quality dental care can outlast your computer and possible even your car!”

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